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Thank you for visiting and booking your wellness sessions with iMPower. We hope we can bring more light and comfort into your wellness goals through our unique intuitive ways. 

Life can get too exciting. Especially during transition or growth periods. Work, family or love transitions may be overwhelming but hopefully with insights and more information you can make better decisions leading to more desirable outcomes.   

In session, we may consult your subconscious (also known as your higher self), your spiritual guides and/or journey together to hopefully discover insights for you. Book your wellness session today!  

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A Little About Me

The Problem Solver

Solving puzzles and finding opportunities is my passion and gift to my clients. I enjoy helping my clients identify and discover what holds them back, what is causing them to feel stuck or what keeps them from their passion, purpose and gifts.  

I enjoy finding different perspectives and solutions because there is always another way. The key to new opportunities is the courage to release what no longer works and embrace new options even if it is uncomfortable or unfamiliar.

For decades, I have been using my gifts in the fast paced business and real estate world. I valued efficiency, effectiveness and checking off my to-do lists as soon as possible. There was big pressure to meet my responsibilities and to achieve goals after goals. My amazing, almost robotic body finally called TIME OUT and forced me to re-evaluate my own life goals and purpose.

It was and is both terrifying and gratifying to realize big change is required to continue being here for the ones I love. However I have learned enough to know that the learning process and journey is rewarding and hardships are often blessings in disguise. 

I am a thinker, analyzer, solution and goal oriented specialist. I enjoy looking for opportunities to solve challenges. Being me has many benefits like helping others but I have also learned many lessons along the way in order to offer my clients the wisdom and peace I gained from these lessons. 

iMPower Wellness is my gift to everyone who appreciates a coach, a mentor, a guide to help their journey be a little easier and reach their goals with a little more insight. We are here to help each other learn and thrive. Book today, let us discover more opportunities for you.  

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Serenity Prayer

Dear God,

Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

The courage to change the things I can

The wisdom to know the difference

This quote carried me through many bumps in life. I am definitely still working on finding said serenity most of the time especially with a full house and lots of responsibilities. However, knowing that as long as I can find the courage to take positive actions to improve my situation, I will eventually get past these bumps. 
The wisdom is the art of finding the balance between everyday life and our goals.
My passion to help others find the courage, wisdom and hopefully serenity is our goal here at iMpower Wellness.

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The "WHY" to my Journey

Being tough and strong minded has its benefits. We rise up to challenges. We push for solutions. We keep going for our loved ones. What happens when we run out of strength? Or need more than our armors to thrive? 
Sometimes we need time to rest, recharge and receive help from our faith, loved ones or guides in order to do more for our loved ones. Our lifetime is the opportunity to learn from our situations and the special people who come into our life.    
iMPOWER Wellness is here to share some insights, tips, and light so you can do more. Please check out our list of services in hopes to make your journey more pleasurable.

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